7550 New Bike Parking Spots at Copenhagen Central Station


all of Copenhagen’s badass mainstream bicycle culture, there remains one thing
that the City still completely sucks at. Bicycle parking at train stations. At
Copenhagen Central Station there are only about 1000 bike parking spots. Danish
State Railways can’t even tell us how many spots they have. They’re not

Even in Basel they have 800+. In Antwerp they have this. Don’t even get me started on the
Dutch. 12,500 bike parking spots are on the way in some place called
. Amsterdam has a multi-story bike parking facility, floating bicycle barges round
the back
and are planning 7000 more spots underwater.

Even at the
nation’s busiest train station, Nørreport, the recent and fancy
redesign failed miserably in providing parking that is adequate for the
. Architects once again failing to respond to actual urban

It is time to remedy that. Here is Copenhagenize Design Company’s
design for 7550 bike parking spots behind Copenhagen Central Station. Steve C.
Montebello is the architect that I worked closely with.

exploting the area over the train tracks and using Tietgens Bridge as the
transport spine, we have created an iconic bicycle parking facility with ample
parking spots at this important transport hub where trains, buses and – in 2019
– the Metro converge in an intermodal transport orgy.

In our work on the EU project BiTiBi.eu – Bike Train
– we have been focused on parking solutions at train stations. It was a
natural evolution to use that experience in developing this project.
structure is supported by columns and utilises the existing platforms below,
which dictated the shape that we decided upon.

There are:
– 6880 bike
parking spots in double decker racks. This can be expanded with 1360 more if
– 30 dedicated cargo bike parking spots featuring The
Copenhagenize Bar by Cyclehoop
– 640 secure, indoor bike parking spots
in the green roofed building at left (above).
– A bike shop for repairs and
– Ticket machines and displays for departures and arrivals of
trains and buses.
– At the end of the long point, the belvedere will be the
world’s premiere, dedicated lookout spot design for trainspotters.


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