Design by; Morgana Agnusdei, Giuseppe Iuliano and Francesco Pescador
The Legame is a city car conceived to amplify the senses of those that use it as they move through the urban environment. One side forms a bench allowing people to sit and enjoy their surroundings, while the plain interior has been designed to be free from distractions away from the outside world. A mobile app allows users to summon the car

original press release:

The cities in the future will be worth living. “Legame” becomes a tribute to the city, a mobile monument to
stand on and fully enjoy the urban life: it will be worth listening to the sounds and even the smells to breathe
because the air quality will improve. “Legame” was conceived totally open to amplify the senses of those who
will use it – may they be tourists or not – to enjoy the city.The only planned virtual connection will exist through a
mobile app, with which you can “call” the car: after the call, the closest to the specified location will appear
ready for anyone who wants to be accompanied in the urban paradise. Pininfarina Legame is at the
complete disposal of the city: in addition to accompany users in their destinations, it also becomes a sculpture
on which any person can sit, thanks to the outlined bench on one side. Enjoy the city means to live it and live
alongside those around us. In a world where you will have more and more the need to be virtually connected,
Pininfarina “Legame” will oblige us to forge links with the outside world: tourists will take pictures at significant
points of the city, the lovers will be embraced while being caressed by the wind, coworkers can chat after a
long day at the office on the way home and everyone can sit on the bench while the vehicle is stopped and
read a good book or relax while admiring the panorama. The interior of “Legame” is designed to not create
distractions: this is why the interior is plain and simple, just surfaces games and no sign of technology or
interactive screens, which can steal users’ attention focused on create real ties.

Pininfarina has created an exhibition of concept car designs by a group of students from some of Europe’s top design colleges on display in Turin, June 7 – 12 2016