Design by; Andrea Ortile, Gabriele Rizzi, Marco Zafferana, Francesco Palumbo, Alessio Coci and Andrea Costa

“Individuale” is a concept to exalt the driving experience of the future. The vehicle is based on the concept of essentiality and simplicity. Thanks to the double drive mode (autonomous and manual) the future driver can drive in a different way, managing to capture emotions and feelings never felt before. In this concept, the technology of autonomous driving is used to drive the car and to act as mediator between man and vehicle, to amplify the pleasure of driving. You can drive this car through 2 independent controllers, controlled by the arms. These communicate the car every single movement to brake, accelerate and steer.The controllers are designed with a very simple and pure design, they become the true jewel and the heart of the car: brought outside, they can become a real home object of furniture. The exterior structure is composed of 2 main parts. One that contains the motor, the other the cockpit. It can take two different driving position: a driving mode, with a raised cabin that allows for increased visibility, and the relax mode, with lowered cab that allows you to relax and enjoy the journey.

Pininfarina has created an exhibition of concept car designs by a group of students from some of Europe’s top design colleges on display in Turin, June 7 – 12 2016