Umeå Institute of Design is located in the north of Sweden

Design by: Kishenkumar Patel, Martin Engberg, Raul Salas, ViljamiRŠisŠnen and SiddharthHirwani
Mr. Bellfort, a professional business analyst has been called to Hong Kong by a multinational firm for a project. He must stay in the city for at least three months. He is looking to fulfil his accommodation and transportation needs to make his stressful life comfortable after the long work hours. Pininfarina Dualità offers an integrated luxury solution for housing and mobility customised to his needs throughout his stay in this hectic city. The user of Dualità can buy a global membership where he is offered premium and exclusive support for his nomadic lifestyle. The service includes an autonomous vehicle and a luxurious apartment integrated into one. The vehicle is provided by Pininfarina and the apartment tower is part of Pininfarina Extra. When docked with the tower, the vehicle becomes a balcony, an extension of the living space offering a multifunctional seamless experience. When in motion, it provides a place to relax after a long day at work.

Pininfarina has created an exhibition of concept car designs by a group of students from some of Europe’s top design colleges on display in Turin, June 7 – 12 2016