Submission – “Transit Map” Elevator Service Diagram, Tokyo, Japan

Submitted by Adam, who says:

The “transit”-style elevator map of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The tower consists of two sub-towers, with elevator “lines” ABC serving one tower, and DEFG serving the other. Apologies for the poor quality of the photo–I took this offhandedly without thinking of submitting it. 

Transit Maps says:

This is totally awesome, Adam! Elevators that only service certain ranges of floors in large office buildings aren’t that unusual, but I’ve never seen the arrangements laid out graphically like this before. Major “interchanges” are at the 1st through 4th floors, then the 10th, 17th and the 25th and 26th. There’s also neat little escalator icons showing connections between some of the lower floors.

I wonder what the note on the 31st floor that seems to reference floors 21 through 27 is about? Translation, anyone? (EDIT: It seems that this refers to meeting rooms on this floor, and not to other floors. Thanks, anonymous!)

Less professional are the little bits of white, black and yellow paper covering up outdated information on the sign… ugly!

Also, I’ve suddenly been overcome with the urge to play SimTower (anyone remember that?).