Dear supporters,

We’ve reached $7.646 in donations to Help Save Socialist Modernist Heritage Sites. Thanks for the generous support of all who donated! We’re one step closer to finishing the Socialist Modernist interactive map/data base. If you haven’t already, please donate and help spread the word.

As for the freshly launched SM photo album entitled “Socialist Modernism in Romania and the Republic of Moldova”, we have sold 120 book copies in just 14 days! Don’t wait to get in line and don’t miss the chance to be the owner of the first Modernist Socialist inventory of many others to follow.

Print run 800
Pages 192
Romanian and English
Size 26×28.5 cm
Weight 1.25 kg
Designed by BACU Assocation

Those who support BACU Association and who is interested in Socialist Modernism will be able to purchase the album on Save Socialist Modernist Heritage Sites fundraising campaign page by selecting BOOK from among the perks listed under the DONATION LEVELS section on the right. (Link in bio) The album project is co-financed by AFCN – The National Cultural Fund Administration.The project does not necessarily reflect the position of the AFCN. #SocialistModernism #_BA_CU

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