July 2019 Was Earth’s Hottest Month on Record!

Yikes! July 2019 was Earth’s hottest month in 140 years of record-keeping, according to a just-released analysis from NOAA. The agency said Thursday that global average temperatures across all land and ocean surfaces in July were the highest of any month in its database, which extends back to 1880. The month’s global average temperature was 1.71 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average of 60.4 degrees. That topped July 2016, the previous all-time-hottest month, by 0.05 degrees. HIghlights:

  • July 2019 was the planet’s warmest month on record, according to NOAA.
  • The hottest regions on Earth relative to average included Alaska, southern Asia and southern Africa.
  • The warmth occurred despite the absence of a strong El Niño event.
  • Other organizations also concluded July 2019 was Earth’s hottest month.

Dozens of European cities set new all-time high-temperature records in July, including Paris (108.7 degrees), Amsterdam (97.3 degrees) and Helsinki (91.8 degrees). Five nations confirmed their hottest temperatures ever recorded:

Belgium: 107.2 degrees at Begijnendijk, July 25

Germany: 108.7 degrees at Lingen, July 25

Luxembourg: 105.4 degrees at Steinsel, July 25

Netherlands: 105.3 degrees at Gilze Rijen, July 25

United Kingdom: 101.7 degrees at Cambridge, July 25

Another part of the world with extreme warmth relative to July norms was Alaska. At least 13 Alaska locations chalked up their hottest month on record, and the state very likely hit such a mark as well, according to climatologist Dr. Brian Brettschneider. The Anchorage airport hit 90 degrees on July 4, breaking its all-time record by 5 degrees, and the city had its warmest month on record by far.

Source:  The Weather Channel, 16 August 2019