Palast der Republik und dahinter der Alexanderplatz auf einem Sammelheft für Briefmarken.

Palace of theRepublic and behind it the Alexanderplatz on a collector’s album for stamps.

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(hier: DDR Museum)


Canyon Project 3,7

‘Projekt 3.7′ is a concept bike from 2004 which came about when Canyon teamed up with renowned design engineer and bike tech writer Hans Christian Smolik to showcase the company’s latest technology (at the time) and just how light a bike could be built. At 3.7kg it was, according to Canyon, the lightest road bike in the world.


In Sydney, traffic lights in the ground for smartphone natives

Despite countless advertising campaigns discouraging it, texting on the move is not going away. In response, cities have begun to adapt their infrastructure to better suit the ‘Smombies’ — smartphone zombies. Germany is experimenting with traffic lights in the ground at tram stops, and now the Australian government is also installing in-ground traffic lights on a larger scale. READ MORE…